How should Christians view politics?

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How should Christians view politics?

Authors:  Johnson and Pearl, Bible teachers and founders of: 
The Pure Gospel and Revival website

Did Jesus publicly support Herod or Pilate?

No, neither was Christian or had Christian morals and values. Therefore, Jesus did not support or endorse Herod, Pilate, or Caesar.  

So, if both political parties in a nation are non-Christians, don’t vote for either, rather vote for Jesus and pray for Jesus to come in revival power!  Praying for revival and preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ is always the 1st priority for every Christian in every nation. 

If a political candidate is a half-Christian, or you suspect that he might be a false-Christian not truly born again, like Trump, but that person upholds Biblical values and is anti-abortion and wants to reduce taxes and hinder corruption, then do vote for someone like Trump because he upholds some important Biblical values. Because as Christians we should always support less abortion and less taxes, and less crime.

Either way, the most important task for every Christian, whether you vote or not, and whether the election is stolen/rigged or not, is to pray for national revival and preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ! -Johnson and Pearl


Christians should not get overly involved in politics!

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