What should Christians do after they just got saved?

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What should Christians do after they just got saved?

Authors: Johnson and Pearl, Bible teachers and founders of:
Pure Gospel and Revival website

What should Christians do after they just got saved?

Watch the Gospel Films:  the Jesus Film, Gospel of John, the Passion, Ten Commandments, Fireproof, Samson, King of Kings (1961) on Amazon, Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams., Tortured For Christ – Full Movie 2018,….

  1. Understand God’s will for Christians and preachers (The pure gospel and revival)

2. How to read and interpret the Bible the right way
3. How to pray the right way. Power and importance of prayer

4. Power and Purpose of the Blood of Jesus. (The cross and Pentecost) 
5. worship
6. fasting
7. Salvation can be lost if one remains unrepentant, the truths about hell
8. sanctification
9. Christians character, morality, logic
10. Rapture, only those that overcome sin can be raptured.
11. repentance and holiness
12. Fearing God, loving God, pleasing God.
13. humility, hunger, holiness
14. sanctification in marriage, praying family
15. Bible money management, Biblical economics
16. Pentecost, revival, the glory of God

17. power and authority, fullness of the Baptism of the Spirit.
18. the Father’s Promise and the Great Commission
19. fasting and prayer for nations and presidents
20. Biblical nutrition
21. Avoiding temptations, a praying church stops sinning and begins to change the world

22. God’s judgment on idols.

What is the pure gospel of Jesus Christ? 

“True and False Christian Test”  

What is true revival?
The truth about sin

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