4 Things necessary for the revival blessing (Evan Roberts)

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4 Things necessary for the revival blessing (Evan Roberts)

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“In a span of 2 years the Welsh Revival spread to the world and about 5 million were saved in that time span."  -J. Edwin Orr

“In the Welsh Revival and other revivals, there were very few preaching.  Mostly worshipping, praying for the unsaved, personal confessions and repentance, confessions of backsliders coming back to Jesus, and other movings of the Holy Spirit. If a famous preacher was asked to preach, there would be a break in the continuity and the Holy Spirit power."  – G. Campbell Morgan.

  1. confess all sin (any sin in your past which you have not honestly dealt with and not confess to God. On your knees at once, you past must be dealth with and cleansed.)
  2. search out secret and doubtful things (anything you cannot decide good or evil, just go to God’s word. nothing should stand between you and God. )
  1. (Give yourself entirely to the Spirit and obey Him. Do what the Holy Spirit prompts without hesitation or fear.)
  1. confess Lord Jesus openly as your Lord and Savior.

Send the Spirit powerfully, now, for Jesus Christ’s sake! continue to seek God.

Send the Spirit more powerfully, now, for Jesus Christ’s sake!

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