Sin is like running a red light 

Authors:   Johnson and Pearl
The Pure Gospel and Revival website,

Sin is like running a red light, it thrills you before it kills you.  Eventually you die in your own pool of blood.  All that for a short thrill!”   -Johnson and Pearl


“Sin is like robbing a bank, it temporarily suppresses your conscience and gives you an adrenaline rush, until you get caught or shot.”  -Johnson and Pearl

“Most people are not stupid enough to rob a bank, but they are stupid enough to sin against God and Jesus.”  -Johnson and Pearl

“Most people don’t dare to offend their boss or a billionaire, but dare to offend God, break His Ten Commandments, and blaspheme His holy name.  Their respect for God is much lower than their respect for a boss or a billionaire.  So God is well justified to punish unrepentant sinners with everlasting fire and hell.  It’s not that God is too severe, it’s that sinners are too sinister, selfish, evil, and disrespectful. Sinners better turn or burn!”  -Johnson and Pearl

“A self-centered and unrepentant thief will always accuse the judge of being too severe.
A self-centered and unrepentant sinner will always accuse God of being too severe.”
-Johnson and Pearl


“It takes more stupidity to sin against God that it does to skydive into a volcano.” -Johnson and Pearl


“Sinning against God is bold and thrilling, just like skydiving a volcano is bold and thrilling to some stupid people.  However, you will eventually pay the price of death, unless you change direction and truly repent.”    -Johnson and Pearl

“To the unrepentant sinner, even if the next stop isn’t punishment or judgement, but the final stop is still death and hell.”  -Johnson and Pearl

“Just as a jail is a place to punish criminals, so Hell is God’s place to punish sinners.  Hell is for those who keep sinning and refuse to repent and believe in the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.”  -Johnson and Pearl


hell 33

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