Women need love but men need respect

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Women need love but men need respect

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, marriage understanding and communication are based on two words: love and respect. He presents the ways in which these feelings interact with each other, the differences between men and women, and how they affect communications between the sexes.

Why won’t husbands love their wives?
Why won’t wives respect their husbands?

Many women have never learned to respect their husbands in a way that is meaningful to the husband.
Likewise, many men have never learned to love their wives in a way that is meaningful to the wife. 

(The pre-marriage and post-marriage counseling that every Christian couple need!  Life-changing, highly recommended.)

Love & Respect – Part 1

What is the pure gospel of Jesus Christ? 

“True and False Christian Test”  

What is true revival?



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