Could This Antimalarial Drug Already Be Saving Corona virus Patients?

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Could This Antimalarial Drug Already Be Saving Corona virus Patients?
by Doctor Oz
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Compiled by:  Johnson and Pearl

“Chloroquine is a Zinc ionophore.  Zinc has the potential to kill viruses.
Zinc shuts down the virus’s replication process, it shuts down the virus’s “copying machine". Zinc has the potential to kill viruses. 
Zinc inhibits corona virus in vitro, that means outside the body in some artificial medium. Zinc ionophore blocks the replication of these viruses in cell cultures.
Chloroquine enhances zinc inside the cell."    -by Dr. Eric Berg


(We recommend that you the reader listen to all of the below videos to understand the importance of Zinc and its anti-virus effects.  Of course, as Christians, we believe natural forms of Zinc to be better for your immune system than synthetic forms of Zinc.  We also believe that vitamins and minerals created by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can boost our immune system’s antibodies, white blood cells, and T-killer cells to fight off viruses.  I especially recommend Vitamin A, B12, C, D, E, K, Selenium, Zinc, Iodine, copper, coral calcium, and chromium.  As well as natural anti-viral foods such as rosemary, lavender, basil, cilantro, garlic, ginger, tumeric,  quercetin in onions, bee propolis, chlorella, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, raw honey, and flax seed oil.

In our personal opinion and study of Biblical nutrition, we praise and exalt the LORD God and Jesus Christ for God’s wisdom and power in creating natural minerals and vitamins that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation.  We believe and trust that God’s Dietary and hygiene laws in the Bible are both relevant and life-saving in today’s severely nutrient-deficient world!   Personally, we believe more in the anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities of minerals, vitamins, herbs, essential oils, fruits and veggies, seeds, and various natural foods created by God than we do of allopathic/western medicine, drugs, chemicals, and vaccines.  The below legal disclaimer applys to all of our articles on Biblical nutrition and viruses.)

Legal disclaimer:



Could This Antimalarial Drug Already Be Saving Patients?

Doctor Oz


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