How did Charles Finney pray down revival?

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How did Charles Finney pray down revival?

-How to prepare your heart for revival?
Why revival power from on high is the biggest need in today’s church
How to overcome sin and fully repent so that God can entrust you with revival power.
-Without revival, today’s churches will remain weak, worldly, and powerless.
Without revival and the glory of God church meetings are dry and boring.

-This book will teach you more about the heart and will of God than any other book, another book just as good as this is “Marvel and Miracles" by Maria Woodworth Etter. 
-This book will enlighten you to understand how getting God’s glory(aka the Outpouring of the Spirit/revival/Pentecost), which is a lot more powerful and important than getting a real healing anointing.

-Books by Finney, Maria Woodworth Etter, John Wesley, John Sung, Frank Bartleman, J. Edwin Orr are like reading grad school books about God’s presence, power, and glory.

-while reading books by the likes of Smith Wigglesworth, John Lake, Reinhard Bonnke, A.A. Allen…are like reading university books in comparison! -Johnson and Pearl


by Charles Finney (download here)


“Without revival sinners will grow harder and harder despite more preaching. Your children and your friends will remain unsaved if there are no revivals to truly convert them.” -Charles Finney  

I heartedly recommended this book by Charles Finney, perhaps the most Christ-like Christian who prayed down biggest American revival.

“A must read for every Christian who wants to experience God’s glory up close.  For Christians that are tired of dry sermons, boring church services, and tired of a far-away “mental but not tangible relationship" with God. “  -Johnson and Pearl 

For Christians who wants an up-close instead of far-away “mental but intangible relationship" with God.


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