Hopefully, this is a true revival, and that it continues to the glory of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope and pray this is a true revival that continues till the Rapture of the church.

It is still early, but it does have some of the signs of a revival, with repentance and confessing of sin, continuous prayer and worship, and testimonies of salvation.

Reports from Asbury University say that a revival has broken out in the chapel of the small Christian college campus in Kentucky.  Happening Now!

On the morning of February 8, 2023, a seemingly normal chapel service took place at the campus’s Hughes Auditorium. It included a message about confession and repentance, according to reports.

After the service was over, a group of students stayed behind to continue worshiping. Then more joined them.

According to reports being shared on social media, students have been in the chapel for over 100 hours reading scripture, praying, singing, and sharing personal testimonies.

“God began pouring out his love among the students in a profound way. The students continued praying and worshiping even though chapel had concluded,”

Asbury Revival



Revival Reported at Asbury University in Kentucky  

Revival Reported at Asbury University in Kentucky

What is true revival?

What is the pure gospel of Jesus Christ? 

“True and False Christian Test”  



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