Pray for Taiwan - Lifeline Children's Services


-My prayer for Taiwan’s pastors (to repent and seek God’s holiness and revival)

My dearest Abba Father,

since You told me to this, I will fully obey and do my best to pray for their true and complete repentance, and full surrender to Your Son Jesus Christ.  You know that so many Taiwan pastors would rather please men than to please God.  They are after numbers, offering, a big church, and personal glory

They are not genuinely after God’s glory and revival.  So many pastors pretend to want repentance and revival, but they would not repent from preaching a sin-tolerating fake gospels.  They pretend to want revival, but refuse to repent of using worldly methods such as rock music, rap, street dance, hip hop, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny Egg hunts, Christmas trees, and other carnal and disgusting, men-pleasing methods.  They pull Your holy word out of context, and using the “sowing and reaping" get rich formula to milk offerings from the church members, just like in Africa and the U.S.  They preach false gospels, just like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.   

Some churches, such as the Taiwan “xxx bread" Church in Taipei(雜糧堂??), are such big hypocrites, they pretend to want repentance and revival, but still would not publicly repent from hip-hop music and bringing worldly rap music to the church.  

sinner 璽恩  

  Also, the so called “apostolic churches" are all fakes, with no proof of doctor-verified healings, not even just 3.   They called themselves apostolic churches, but still tell people to go get the Covid -vaccine produced by evil Big Pharma.   Taiwan’s Christianity is in such a hypocrite, carnal, and sorry state.  It’s a complete mess and failure.  Who can clean up this mess, bring revival, and birth true Christian churches with clean hands and a pure heart?  

Only You, Jesus!  Only You, Jesus!    Only You, Jesus!   


I am praying and interceding for them out of love, I do not wish to see them going to hell.  the Devil has enough people going to hell with him.   You know what I mean, Lord.  

I understand that there’s human free will involved here, but I also trust in Your power and willingness to lead carnal pastors, fake Christians, and well as lukewarm Christian in Taiwan and Asia into true repentance and holiness.  My job is to pray with all my love and faith, and I leave the results up to You, as I trust You for nationwide revival in Taiwan, close to 100% saved in the Ninevah Revival

Lord, You need no reminder that during the Welsh, Finney’s, and 1857 New York Prayer revivals, there were “burnt-over" districts, and areas of which 100% of sinners were all repentant and saved. 

耶利米書 32:27 「我是耶和華,是凡有血氣者的神,豈有我難成的事嗎?(豈有對我太難的事嗎?)

You can do it again, Lord, I know You want it, and so do I, and I do believe You and trust You for this!  As You were faithful and gracious in saving me from my sickness and near-death situation like Jonah’s, I ask, believe, pray for, and trust that You love Taiwan enough to do the same, to save Taiwan to near 100% saved as You did with Ninevah.  Lord, I need revival here in Taiwan, (and all over Asia and ww, too), as in the days of Jonah and Ninevah.  Abba Father, You know I am so hungry and thirsty for Your glory, for the Spirit’s Revival power.  I am so weak, powerless, and bored living every day without revival. 

My life is boring and meaningless without revival.  Preaching and teaching alone will not suffice.  Sinners still worship idols here and remain in mutiny to God my Father. Sinners are still unrepentant sinners.  Lord, have mercy.  I would rather die without revival Lord!   You know that.  I am so desperate and lonely without Your glory and revival power.  I pour out all my heart, all my love to You, Lord Jesus. 

Come, Holy Spirit, be outpoured among Taiwanese pastors, however carnal or worldly they are, even the gay ones, for I trust that Your goodness will surely overcome man’s wickedness. 

Oh, Lord, Let the whole earth be filled with Your glory!   

詩72:19 他榮耀的名也當稱頌,直到永遠。願他的榮耀充滿全地阿們!阿們!

民數記 14:21 然我指著我的永生起誓:遍地要被我的榮耀充滿

Let Jesus be exalted alone, among the nations! 

Dear Abba Father, even if no one in Taiwan is serious about holiness and revival, Pearl and I are!  

I know the price is high, though not much compared to price Jesus paid on the cross, but we are willing to do it.   Help us, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  Strengthen us and pray for us.  pray for our faith and our needs.  We need more and more every day, Lord.  We need Your prayers and intercession, dearest Lord Jesus, my Love! 

And now, I pray that Taiwanese pastors repent from failure to faithfully preach repentance, the cross, hell, and the truth of taking up the cross and following the Lord Jesus


I pray that Taiwanese pastors repent from bypassing sin, and diluting the gospel, or even changing the gospel into a man-pleasing, fake Christian producing false gospel.   I pray that they truly and fully repent from wanting number and offerings, instead of true revival from the Spirit of our Holy God. 


I pray that they repent from worldliness and into God’s holiness. 

repent from using worldly methods, carnal and men-pleasing activities, such as Rock music/Hip hop/Rapp, street dance, Santa Clause, and all kinds of worldly methods to attract sinners. 

I pray that they realize it’s 1 trillion times more important for “God" to come to church(in revival power), than for sinners to come to church.  Lord, if we could get You to come in revival, surely the sinners will come and flood the churches and the streets, as in Pentecost and past revival. 




加1:9 「我們已經說了,現在又說:若有人傳福音給你們,與你們所領受的不同,讓他被定罪到地獄!」好消息譯本(Good News Translation);直譯

加1:9 「我們已經說了,現在又說:若有人傳福音給你們,與你們所領受的不同,讓他被咒詛、讓他註定受到永恆的懲罰!」英文擴大聖經經典版本(Amplified Bible, Classic Edition);直譯


Galatians 1:9 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition
As we said before, so I now say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel different from or contrary to that which you received [from us], let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment)!


大約40年前(1980年代),許多在美國、台灣、亞洲的福音派教會,都會強調悔改(可 1:15)、天天背起你的十字架來跟隨耶穌(路9:23)。並且,也會強調一個罪人必須把生命完全降服於耶穌。還有,你還會被要求上一些真理課程,他們會確認你真的明白福音、十字架、救贖、成為基督徒的意義。如果你有經歷這些過程,他們才會願意為你受洗。 


哥林多後書 5:17 若有人在基督裡,他就是新造的人,舊事已過,都變成新的了。



Lord, I pray that the Spirit opens Taiwan’s pastor’s blind eyes, and show them the ridiculousness of using the sinners prayer to build one’s little kingdom.  Holy Spirit, enlighten them to help them see this error, and lead and guide them into the truth of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, and of the absolute necessity of revival in our nation. 







Father, You know all these that I just mentioned above.  You know how Christianity is such a failure in Taiwan.  I am sure You are tired of hearing pastors intentionally bypassing sin  and the cross in their pulpits. 

Tired of fake desires for revival.  I know You are tired of fake pastors and fake Christians trying to use You for shallow blessing without true obedience and devotion to Your will and Holy word.  

Let Your goodness lead them into repentance, Lord, especially those gay pastors or gay fake Christians, and those nominal pastors that do rap and give our false prophecies and preach gospels. 



「天父要、要求並期待他所有的孩子整天、每一天都全心全意地順服他。」 -慕安德烈(Andrew Murray)
“The Father in heaven asks, requires, and expects all of His children to give Him wholehearted and entire obedience all day long, every single day.” -Andrew Murray 

Pleasing God - Sierra Bible Church

Father, I pray that Taiwanese pastors,  true Christians, and the readers of our 純正福音和復興網站, to 整天、每一天都全心全意地順服神.   and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

And to please God with all their hearts, minds, and strengths.  Ourselves included. and my son Johnny. 

帖撒羅尼迦前書 2:4
4 但神既然驗中了我們,把福音託付我們,我們就照樣講不是要討人喜歡乃是要討那察驗我們心的神喜歡

1 Thessalonians 2:4 New International Version
“On the contrary, we speak as those approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. We are not trying to please people but God, who tests our hearts.

I pray that if they don’t repent according to Your time, Father, that you judge them with what You said in Your word. 

彼得後書 2        預言將來必有假師傅
2 從前在百姓中有假先知起來,將來在你們中間也必有假師傅,私自引進陷害人的異端,連買他們的主他們也不承認,自取速速的滅亡。 2 將有許多人隨從他們邪淫的行為,便叫真道因他們的緣故被毀謗。 3 他們因有貪心,要用捏造的言語在你們身上取利。他們的刑罰,自古以來並不遲延,他們的滅亡也必速速來到[a]。 4 就是天使犯了罪,神也沒有寬容,曾把他們丟在地獄,交在黑暗坑中,等候審判。 5 神也沒有寬容上古的世代,曾叫洪水臨到那不敬虔的世代,卻保護了傳義道的挪亞一家八口。 6 又判定所多瑪、蛾摩拉,將二城傾覆,焚燒成灰,作為後世不敬虔人的鑒戒; 7 只搭救了那常為惡人淫行憂傷的義人羅得, 8 因為那義人住在他們中間,看見聽見他們不法的事,他的義心就天天傷痛。

9 主知道搭救敬虔的人脫離試探,把不義的人留在刑罰之下,等候審判的日子。 10 那些隨肉身縱汙穢的情慾、輕慢主治之人的,更是如此。他們膽大任性,毀謗在尊位的也不知懼怕。 11 就是天使,雖然力量權能更大,還不用毀謗的話在主面前告他們。

12 但這些人好像沒有靈性,生來就是畜類,以備捉拿宰殺的。他們毀謗所不曉得的事,正在敗壞人的時候,自己必遭遇敗壞。 13 行得不義,就得了不義的工價。這些人喜愛白晝宴樂,他們已被玷汙,又有瑕疵,正與你們一同坐席,就以自己的詭詐為快樂。 14 他們滿眼是淫色[b],止不住犯罪,引誘那心不堅固的人,心中習慣了貪婪,正是被咒詛的種類。 15 他們離棄正路,就走差了,隨從比珥之子巴蘭的路。巴蘭就是那貪愛不義之工價的先知, 16 他卻為自己的過犯受了責備——那不能說話的驢,以人言攔阻先知的狂妄。

17 這些人是無水的井,是狂風催逼的霧氣,有墨黑的幽暗為他們存留。 18 他們說虛妄矜誇的大話,用肉身的情慾和邪淫的事引誘那些剛才脫離妄行的人。 19 他們應許人得以自由,自己卻做敗壞的奴僕。因為人被誰制伏,就是誰的奴僕。 20 倘若他們因認識主救主耶穌基督,得以脫離世上的汙穢,後來又在其中被纏住、制伏,他們末後的景況就比先前更不好了。 21 他們曉得義路,竟背棄了傳給他們的聖命,倒不如不曉得為妙。 22 俗語說得真不錯:「狗所吐的,牠轉過來又吃;豬洗淨了,又回到泥裡去滾。」這話在他們身上正合式。

I pray that…

「若我們願意深切和徹底地悔改,也就是從任何自私、懶惰、漠不關心、罪惡、犯罪的習慣、愛世界、和不禱告中悔改;那麼,我們就較容易進入深切的禱告、進入禱告的心志、進入神的心意、進入神的大能和進入神的榮耀。」 -馬強盛/顏美娟夫婦


宋尚節有一句名句﹕「神要用我,因我已經死透了。」-宋尚節(John Sung)  

I pray this 死透 for all pastors in Taiwan, whether they are born again or not, whether they are carnal or not.  And I pray, that, dear Holy Spirit, that You move to help them see the critical importance of hungering for God’s holiness, glory, and revival.  I pray that You lead them into true repentance, true holiness, clean hands, a pure heart, and diligent and sincere praying for revival, in Taiwan, Asia, and ww.   

希伯來書 7:25 凡靠著他進到神面前的人,他都能拯救到底,因為他是長遠活著,替他們祈求。
Hebrews 7:25 NKJV
“Therefore He is also able to save [a]to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

羅馬書 8:26-27
26 況且,我們的軟弱有聖靈幫助。我們本不曉得當怎樣禱告,只是聖靈親自用說不出來的嘆息替我們禱告。
27 鑒察人心的,曉得聖靈的意思(mind),因為聖靈照著神的旨意替聖徒祈求。

Lastly, I pray that , dear Lord Jesus, and dear Holy Spirit, please pray for my wife and I, our son Johnny, and all pastors and true Christians, even the fake ones, Lord.  Please intercede for us everyday.  We need Your prayers to fullfill God’s plan for our lives and live in total obedience to Your will.  To see Your power and Your glory, cover the earth as the waters cover the seas, Lord.   

Give us true revival, nationwide, continent wide, and worldwide, Lord Jesus.  

Father, send us ww revival before the Rapture of the church, Lord.  Send it soon.  Send it soon. Prepare us daily to be Your holy vessels, to be Your 100% surrendered and obedience vessels! 

Help us to crucify the flesh daily, take up the cross daily, and follow Jesus to Calvary, then onwards to the Resurrection power and Pentecost Revival power!    In Jesus name, Amen and Amen! 



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