Christians should worship Jesus or pray at least an hour a day

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Christians should worship Jesus at least an hour a day

Dear Lord Jesus, let the whole earth worship You in the born again spirit and in truth, and in purity and holiness!

Let us be lost in Your love, and lost in our love for You in worship.  Bend completely all true Christians worldwide in preparation for worldwide revival before the Rapture, and for outpourings and revivals with much greater glory than Wales and Azusa Street Revivals. 

and dear heavenly Father, someway, somehow, I ask for You worldwide revival and harvest before the Rapture of the church.  For nothing else can satisfy me and of course nothing else can satisfy the Lamb that was slain. I ask that You give the nations and the uttermost parts of the earth as Christ’s due inheritance. (Psalm 2:8)  Glorify the Son, dear Holy Spirit, and be outpoured worldwide to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Paul Wilbur – Passover 2021 worship in Tennesee

Your Love Awakens Me (Worship Cover) – Tommee Profitt & McKenna Sabin


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