Trump took hydroxychloroquine for 14 days with no side effects.

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Donald Trump Defends America’s Frontline Doctors

How Dr. Stella Immanuel has 100% success rate treating 350 Covid patients.

Trump reminded reporters that he took the drug for 14 days with no side effects.

“It’s safe. It doesn’t cause problems. I had no problem. I had absolutely no problem,” Trump said and added, “It didn’t get me and it’s not going to hopefully hurt anybody.”

Trump also cited studies on the effectiveness of the drug, despite other health experts warning against it.

“I’ve read a lot about hydroxy,” Trump said, citing a study from the Henry Ford Health System and support for the effectiveness of the drug from Yale School of Public Health Dr. Harvey Risch.

Trump said that the opposition to the drug was based entirely on politics.


Doctors stand behind President Trump, call for reopening America thanks to miracle drug (must read!)

巴西總統轉陰性 稱羥氯奎寧(hydroxychloroquine)救命



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