The Bible has natural cures for all chronic diseases!

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The Bible has natural cures for all chronic diseases!




法律免責聲明 Legal disclaimer Unfortunately, we live in a world of sue-happy dumb people, false/fake Christians and non-Christians lacking logic, common sense, basic nutrition knowledge, true medical scientific knowledge etc.  And most people in this world have no idea how to  discern between true and false medicine. (If you don’t know and worship the true God and Jesus Christ, how would you know how to discern between truth and lies, true and false medical science?)

Not to mention, most people in the world are ignorant, clueless, and will backbite on good and honest and successful Christian doctors and preachers that are kind enough to tell them the truth about true medical knowledge that comes from the Bible and the scientific studies done by well meaning Christian doctors worldwide.

Furthermore, there are paid destructive groups, corrupt politicians and privately owned media, so I have to legally tell you:  My articles on nutrition, books and videos by the  Christians doctors that we recommend in this blog do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease or condition! (Only your own self-healing bodily powers given by the Creator God to your body can do that.)

The only purpose for my blog and recommendations is educational, for research and entertainment.  If you choose to take the advice of Christian naturopathic doctors that we refer to in this blog, you do so by your own free will, risk, and responsibility, and we are not responsible in only way for your action and the results of choosing to trying out natural cures mentioned in this blog or other websites.  By reading or passing around our articles on nutrition, you agree to give up any right to blackmail, slander, demand, or sue us for anything or any money.

Even if you did not read this disclaimer, by listening to our opinions or those of Christian doctors’ opinions referred to in this blog/website, you take full responsibility for your free will, and you also give up any right to blackmail or sue us if a natural cure you chose to try out did not work, or if you choose to try out a natural cure.

If you have, or think you may have, any health condition or disease, see a competent, authorized, honest health practitioner (if you can find one) and do not attempt any of the techniques, ideas, knowledge, suggestions or comments in this blog/website without consulting the health professional of your choice first.

We, or the Christians holistic, naturopathic doctors that we refer to in our blog, do not take any responsibly for any outcome or any result from the use of the information in this blog.  Please be advised that the entire content of this blog is solely the opinion of the Christian doctors referred to here.

So, it’s up to you and your God-given rights; your right of freewill, your right to choose, your right of self-defense, and all the wonderful rights our great Constitution has given us to do whatever we choose! But you have to do this at your own risk and responsibility, and accept the consequences of your decision and actions.

We do not take any responsibility for anything you decide to do.  Any cure you experience is solely because of you the reader. You are the only one responsible for your own success or failures based on your actions.




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