The main purpose of the “church" is to get God to walk into church instead of getting people to walk into church. Just because people comes to church, that doesn’t mean God comes to church; but if God comes to church, so will the sinners!" (Acts 2-4)  -Johnson and Pearl


“90% of all Christian pastors today would rather have numbers, offerings, and big buildings instead of repentance, prayer, and revival.” -Johnson and Pearl

“Today, at least 90% of all Christian churches are focused on getting “people" to come to church instead of getting “God" to come to church. Many churches dilute the gospel, bypass sin, and don’t preach repentance and the cross of Jesus Christ. This because they are after numbers and offerings instead of getting “God" to come to church. But if God comes to church by the Outpouring of the Spirit, we would have true repentance, true salvation, and true revivals. Millions will be truly saved, and churches would have to hold meetings in the biggest parks, beaches, and stadiums." -Johnson and Pearl

Robert Murray M’Cheyne declared, “A man cannot be a faithful minister, until he preaches Christ for Christ’s sake – until he gives up striving to attract people to himself and seeks only to attract them to Christ.

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“Today, what are most churches busy doing? Certainly most churches are not busy preaching on sin, true repentance, self-denial, carrying the cross daily, and the true gospel.  Most churches are not warning sinners about the reality of hell; they are not preaching on holiness, loving God and hating sin. Most churches are not preaching against worldliness and thus is being influenced by the world instead of impacting the world. Most churches are not diligently praying for Pentecost that brings true revival.  Most churches are busy going after numbers, offerings, diluting the gospel, pleasing men instead of pleasing God, perverting the gospel, accepting pop culture, using carnal activities and programs to attract sinners, and busy building their own little kingdoms.  Most churches are busy producing “fake convert" social clubs; they are NOT busy building a house of prayer and a church that truly reveres God.”  -Johnson and Pearl

“Only a life of prayer and meditation will render a vessel ready for the Master’s use.” -George Muller


“The Lord is my Shepherd. I fear no want.” All things necessary He has provided, and will provide. I wish no personal following, only the world for Christ.”  -Evan Roberts

“I believe that the world is upon the threshold of a great religious revival, and I pray daily that I may be allowed to help bring this about.” -Evan Roberts

“The world will be swept by His Spirit as by a rushing, mighty wind.”  -Evan Roberts

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“Revival is the highest kind of Christianity. I desire to give my life, which is all I have to give, to helping others to find it also.”  -Evan Roberts

“Bend the Church, and save the world,” is the watchword of this revival.  -The Story of the Welsh Revival by Eyewitnesses



“Today, we must truly and deeply repent, we must forsake the unbiblical 30-second “sinner’s prayer", we must pray continually, we must preach the cross and the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, then we will have true revival."  -Johnson and Pearl

“Any theology that does not emphasize the pure gospel and revival are just false theology on paper and empty talk."  -Johnson and Pearl

“If Bible knowledge, sermons, theologies, and diluted gospels can save our nation, then the nations would NOT be more sinful and godless year after year. Today, what every nation and church need the most are the pure gospel and true revival." -Johnson and Pearl


“The depth of revival will be determined exactly by the depth of the spirit (attitude) of repentance. And this will hold true for all people, at all times."  -Frank Bartleman, received from God in early 1905.



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