Over 2,500 testimonies of Vitamin D effective against the flu and Covid-19

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Vitamin D and COVID 19 The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus

Over 2,500 testimonies of Vitamin D effective against the flu and Covid-19

5,352 comments, over 12.5 million views!

please take a look at the 5,352 comments to see the over Over 2,500 testimonies of Vitamin D effective against the flu and Covid-19


Tonya Hollins  3 months ago.
Thank you for sharing this. My son and I tested positive a month ago and we immediately started taking Vitamins D, C and zinc and we both were showing no symptoms within a week. I’m so grateful a co-workers Dr. recommended this and she shared the info with me.

BIgBass255  11 months ago
I have been on a high dose of Vit D for three years , and sit in the sun 3 or 4 hours per day. I have never had a flu shot, have escaped Covid so far. This video enforces what I’ve been doing.

Shaila  11 months ago..
I have been taking Vitamin D supplementation and eating loads of greens since past 2 years. I recently got a positive COVID report and guess what, my only symptoms were a mild headache and stomach ache for 3 hours. That’s all!

Marcello Capone  10 months ago.
Very engaging and easy to follow presentation. I’ve been taking 5000 /4000 IU of vitamin D for the past few years already. Along with probiotics (homemade like sauerkraut, sriracha, tepache), vitamin C, garlic and turmeric/curcumin and cod liver oil.

Diana Liford
My boyfriend and I have been talking vitamin D supplements for a few years now, and neither one of us has had a cold, flu, and more importantly Covid-19 so far!
There’s definitely something to be said for this plan of care!

Carl Lindemann
Healthy 82 year old non smoker tow boat operator, whose summer uniform is boat shoes and shorts, has Vit D level of 110. Truly an outlier. Shows what sunlight will do for Vit D levels. No skin cancers in this fellow, who is a retired college professor.

Chrissoula Argiriadis
I have been taking Vitamin D for the past 7 years and haven’t gotten the flu or gotten sick . Great video!!!

june aitchison 11 個月前
My husband and I have been taking a 2000 iu of vitamin D for almost three years now . I am 62 and my husband is 57. We have had no serious ill health, colds, flu’s or Corona virus since taking this .


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