Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators

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Senator Scott Jensen

Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators

-How US hopitals exaggerate Covid-19 death numbers!

Tony Robbins interviews Senator Scott Jensen*, a family physician from Minnesota, about the CDC’s guidelines for reporting COVID-19 deaths – and how some hospitals may be over-reporting fatalities in order to receive more funding. This issue is crucial to be informed about, because many patients who merely test positive for COVID-19 but die of other causes are listed as coronavirus deaths to benefit the hospital’s bottom line.

*Jensen was born on November 19, 1954, and graduated valedictorian from Sleepy Eye High School in 1973. He attended Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary from 1977 to 1978 and the University of Minnesota, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in physiology in 1978 and a Doctor of Medicine in 1981.


Source:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/04/24/fact-check-medicare-hospitals-paid-more-covid-19-patients-coronavirus/3000638001/

Prof Carl Heneghan*: can we trust Covid-19 death numbers?

*Professor Carl Heneghan is Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University, and has been paying close attention to the Covid-19 statistics. In a post yesterday evening he revealed an extraordinary detail: the Public Health England daily death totals announced to the media include anyone who has ever tested positive for Covid-19 — even if they recovered completely.

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