Who truly loves God with all of his heart?

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Who truly loves God with all of his heart?

“The person that truly loves God with all of his heart have no need, no desire, and no time for worldly TV, sports, entertainment, idols, and sinning." -Johnson and Pearl

no need, no desire, and no time 

The person that truly loves God with all of his heart and persistently “desires" God’s revival, glory, and power; there is no need, no desire, and no time for sports, entertainment, and sinning." -Johnson and Pearl

“For the Christian who truly loves God and soulwinning, sports and entertainment doesn’t matter, which team wins doesn’t matter. What truly matters is whether we are faithful to pray for revival and win souls for Christ!"  -Johnson and Pearl

“The sad fact is, most of the carnal Christians in America and the world love sports and entertainment more than they love Jesus and the lost souls of the world.  They can watch a ballgame or a movie for 3 hours, but they can’t even “watch and pray" for just one hour with Jesus!

No wonder today’s carnal Christians and churches are so powerless, carnal, worldly, and easily deceived by Big Gov, Big Pharma, Covid vaccines, the far-left Big Media, and corrupt politicians."   -Johnson and Pearl


What is the pure gospel of Jesus Christ? 

“True and False Christian Test”  

What is true revival?
The truth about sin

What’s the biggest power and privilege that God gives to a man?

Revival is the highest kind of Christianity
Today, over 90% of churches are NOT preaching the pure and real gospel


The most urgent task for every Christian is to crucify the flesh




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