15 lost truths in today’s Christianity

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15 lost truths in today’s Christianity

Authors:  Johnson and Pearl, Bible teachers and founders of:
Pure Gospel and Revival website

(sadly, most churches in America or the world are NOT preaching these essential truths!)

1. the pure gospel (the true gospel of Jesus Christ), repentance and carrying the cross is necessary before salvation, loving Jesus more than one’s own life is necessary in become a Christian (Luke 14:26-33), we are not taking about today’s watered-down or diluted gospel.

2. the real Baptism of the Holy Spirit “and with fire".

3. The truth about revival. (Is God willing to send revival to any person or city that meet the conditions? or is revival only by God’s sovereignty ?).

4. The fullness of the Father’s Promise, and greater glory in the NT.

5. Power and final purpose of the blood of Jesus

6. The 3 stages of sanctification

7. Unrepentant Christians will indeed loose their salvation!
8. Christians must overcome sin in order to be Raptured!
9. Does hell exist and exactly who will go there? (the Biblical truth about hell that very few dared to preach.)
10. power of persistent prayer and fasting (Why is it that George Muller had 50,000 prayers answered and most churchgoers have less than 3 prayers answered?)

11. How to crucify the flesh?

The most urgent task for every Christian is to crucify the flesh

The most urgent task for every Christian is to crucify the flesh 

12. What is the spirit of prayer?
13. What is true worship?
14. How to obtain the Gifts of the Spirit.
15. How to receive power and authority as the 12 apostles did.



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